Google Drive / Google Docs icon in Ubuntu Unity Starter

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I like Google Docs (which is now Google Drive, but I rarely use it as a cloud drive), but Opera and Google Docs aren't good friends and Chrome seems to be the only best browser to use Google's "online office". I like Opera and have no reason switching to Chrome except docs.

I want to have "Google Docs" in my Ubuntu Unity Starter to launch it with one click but you can't right click on the starter and add a new item. Here is a little "how to add a link to the starter":

Open gedit or any other texteditor and paste the following snippet into a blank file:

[Desktop Entry]Name=GoogleDocsExec=/usr/bin/chromium-browser
Grab something you'ld like to use as the icon on the starter and put it somewhere, maybe in the path above. I used the Google Docs favicon but it has a low resolution and doesn't look nice when it's scaled to the starter icon size - but I don't care.

Save the file as GoogleDocs.desktop in ~/.local/share/applications (thats the .local directory within your home directory, then share and finally applications, you might need to press Ctrl+H to show hidden files in the save dialog).

Mark the file as executable, either by using Nautilus (the folder explorer) or a terminal window:

chmod +x ~/.local/share/applications/GoogleDocs.desktop


Search for GoogleDocsin the Program starter or open the folder mentioned above using Nautilus. Finally drag the icon from any of both and drop it on the Starter bar - you're done.

This will work for every link you'ld like to see in your starter.

PS: After doing all this and writing this post, I noticed that putting Chrome in the Starter and setting as the chrome startpage would do the same job.


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