Cronjobs on the Dancer floor

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Did you find a typo in the title? No? You're right. I recently started to love the Perl Dancer Framework - and tried to write my first cronjob for a Dancer based project today.

I searched CPAN and Google - and found nothing. After digging really deep in the Dancer source, things turned out to be very easy:

  1. Set the DANCER_APPDIR environment variable
  2. use Dancer;
Here is a very simple sample:
DANCER_APPDIR="/var/www/app" perl -MMyProject::User -le 'use Dancer; my $s = MyProject::User->new; $s->username("admin"); $s->password("admin"); $s->flush;'
Very lightweight, isn't it?


(Yes, I know the password is very insecure. It's a development system and it's just a user for signin into the system and writing the user-management part, so please don't worry about the sample.)

Here is a sample for real cronjobs:

First, put this line into your crontab (and be sure that all of your projects cronjobs are below this and before the next DANCER_APPDIR line!):

Second, add this to the very top of your script:
use Dancer;
That's all!


Notice: The magic will disappear (and Dancer will start doing strange things) if you add ":syntax" to the use-line.


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