use, BEGIN and what's Perl doing with them

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use-lines and BEGIN-blocks are not processed like they appear within a file.

Let's try out this sample script:


use Mod::One;BEGIN { use Mod::Two; print 1; use Mod::Three;}END { print 7;}use Mod::Four;print 2;use Mod::Five;

print 3;


print 6;

sub a { print 4; use Mod::Six; print 5;}

This file isn't processed in the order of it's lines. Actually processing is done this way:

# use-lines and BEGIN-blocks are processed in order, but everything else is ignored:use Mod::One;BEGIN { use Mod::Two; use Mod::Three; # will be loaded at the beginning of the BEGIN block before source is executed print 1;}use Mod::Four;use Mod::Five;use Mod::Six; # Any uses are processed at compile time before anything else is executed

print 2; # Statements mixed in use lines are executed after all use's are doneprint 3;print 4; # from sub aprint 5; # from sub aprint 6;print 7; # from END

Only few lines are running if this file is used within a mod_perl or FastCGI installation. The second request will only execute these lines:
print 2;print 3;print 4; # from sub aprint 5; # from sub aprint 6;
The END-block (containing "print 7;") won't be executed until the Apache or FastCGI process exits.

Every Perl source file should be written in the same order Perl is executing the source:

  1. #!/usr/bin/perl (if required) at the first line
  2. use Modules; required to be loaded before the BEGIN block
  3. BEGIN-block (if necessary, avoid it if every possible!)
  4. use Modules; which require the BEGIN block to be loaded
  5. Script source
Basic rules:
  1. Don't ever write any source before or within use-lines and the BEGIN block (except source running within the BEGIN block).
  2. Requiring a BEGIN block to load other modules is bad.
Visit Perldoc for the full Perl documentation of BEGIN, INIT, END.

If you're unsure about Perl's processing of your file, use Devel::Trace (perl -d:Trace or add some debug statements (but even they might not be executed in the order of their appearance).


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