Ubuntu 11.10 upgrade

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Just upgraded to Ubuntu 11.10!

Upgrade took ~3-5 hours (don't know, download and installation were running in the background). First boot took some minutes, but it's worth the time. A new login screen, no real problems - same as for the last Ubuntu upgrades.

Things that did not work after upgrade:

  • Custom keybindings for changing the workspace
  • Switch from Unity to classic interface, but new Unity looks better and I'll try it again
  • Ekiga SIP Softphone lost settings
  • Pidgin icon in systray on new messages seems to be broken, but I have to test again
Things I expected to fail but working after upgrade:
  • My local PostgreSQL test server upgraded from 8.4 to 9.1, I expected a manual conversion of the old database (like the upgrader/installer told me) - but everything is fine without manual interaction
  • Truecrypt, VPN and my customer launcher script are working without any changes

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