Age check with Perl

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Kids are discriminated for being kids. They're not allowed to smoke, drink alcohol and use various internet offers. but writing "not for kids" on a homepage barely fulfills legal and real life requirements, software has to calculate the age based on a known date of birth.

mySQL has a DATE_INTERVAL command but should be considered very bad style to submit simple math issues to the database unless you need to fetch some stored data. Better use Date::Calc and pure Perl:

use Date::Calc qw(Today date_check N_Delta_YMD);


=head2 calculate_age

$age = calculate_age($date_of_birth);

Return the current age based on the given date of birth (YYYY-MM-DD).



Returns 33 (at least today).


sub calculate_age my @dob = split(/\-/, shift);

# Check if given date of birth is valid. return unless check_date(@dob);

# Calculate the years, months and days since the given date of birth my @age = N_Delta_YMD(@dob, Today());

return $age[0];}

check_date is strongly suggested because all (other) Date::Calc functions will die in case of any invalid date passed.


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  1. Jay

    Or use Time::Piece + Time::Seconds (part of core since 5.10)

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  4. I only ever use Time::Piece or DateTime for time and date calculations these days.


    use strict;
    use warnings;
    use 5.010;
    use Time::Piece;

    say calculate_age('1979-08-20');

    sub calculate_age {
    my $dob = Time::Piece->strptime(shift, '%Y-%m-%d');
    my $age = Time::Piece->localtime - $dob;

    return int $age->years;

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