Farabi - a web based Perl editor

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Azawawi introduced his newest tool to the #Padre channel today: Farabi, a web-based Perl editor/interpreter/everything.

It's still in a very early stage but already functional, the current trunk version looks much more "complete".

Farabi comes with build-in support for Perl::Tidy, Perl::Critic and the ability to run Perl source directly from the browser.

A great tool for bringing Perl to a younger generation.


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  1. Alex Kotov

    Screenshot looks great, even it is the very draft version!

    Is there any [demo] public web installation to look a Farabi alive?!

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  4. Sebastian

    Sorry, I don't know of any but it's easy to download and start.

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  7. Ahmad M. Zawawi

    Yuni Kim has graciously kept this site up to date as I developed Farabi.

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  10. Alex

    This is truly awesome. This should be mixed with perl school.

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