Memcached statistics (stats command)

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Memcached is a great tool for speeding up your database access. A "stats" command returns usage statistics but few documentation is available on what's returned.

The official Memcached Wiki shows a bounce of stats commandsbut doesn't explain their meaning. I collected some information from various Internet sites.

Perl's Cache::Memcached module has a ->stats call for getting the data, Cache::Memcached::Fast lacks this call (but I don't understand why). Here is a sample from a real life multi user development environment:

perl -MCache::Memcached -MData::Dumper=Dumper -le  'print Dumper(Cache::Memcached->new(  servers => ["memcache-01:11211", "memcache-02:11211"])->stats);'

$VAR1 = { 'hosts' => { 'memcache-02:11211' => { 'misc' => { 'cas_hits' => '0', 'conn_yields' => '1', 'cmd_set' => '584479', 'bytes_written' => '1029238847', 'curr_items' => '28088', 'pid' => '31690', 'uptime' => '538844', 'rusage_system' => '54.690000', 'reclaimed' => '3738', 'get_hits' => '153312', 'incr_misses' => '0', 'total_connections' => '12780', 'delete_misses' => '19082', 'decr_misses' => '0', 'get_misses' => '537174', 'bytes' => '6479905', 'curr_connections' => '32', 'time' => '1323007700', 'pointer_size' => '64', 'connection_structures' => '34', 'total_items' => '84110', 'decr_hits' => '0', 'evictions' => '0', 'auth_cmds' => '0', 'accepting_conns' => '1', 'limit_maxbytes' => '1073741824', 'rusage_user' => '24.910000', 'delete_hits' => '37031', 'cmd_get' => '690486', 'incr_hits' => '0', 'version' => '1.4.5', 'cas_badval' => '0', 'bytes_read' => '329112270', 'threads' => '4', 'cas_misses' => '0', 'auth_errors' => '0', 'cmd_flush' => '0', 'listen_disabled_num' => '0' }, 'sizes' => { '8448' => '1', '384' => '4', '2016' => '1', '9984' => '1', '1376' => '1', [...] } }, 'memcache-01:11211' => { 'misc' => { 'cas_hits' => '0', 'conn_yields' => '1', 'cmd_set' => '2279779', 'bytes_written' => '3607288198', 'curr_items' => '30345', 'pid' => '24040', 'uptime' => '1145391', 'rusage_system' => '310.020000', 'reclaimed' => '14740', 'get_hits' => '391278', 'incr_misses' => '0', 'total_connections' => '27373', 'delete_misses' => '107095', 'decr_misses' => '0', 'get_misses' => '1235540', 'bytes' => '6775829', 'curr_connections' => '34', 'time' => '1323007699', 'pointer_size' => '64', 'connection_structures' => '42', 'total_items' => '323610', 'decr_hits' => '0', 'evictions' => '0', 'auth_cmds' => '0', 'accepting_conns' => '1', 'limit_maxbytes' => '1073741824', 'rusage_user' => '103.220000', 'delete_hits' => '138702', 'cmd_get' => '1626818', 'incr_hits' => '0', 'version' => '1.4.5', 'cas_badval' => '0', 'bytes_read' => '880394652', 'threads' => '4', 'cas_misses' => '0', 'auth_errors' => '0', 'cmd_flush' => '0', 'listen_disabled_num' => '0' }, 'sizes' => { '8448' => '1', '384' => '4', '2016' => '1', '9984' => '1', '1376' => '1', [...] } } }, 'self' => {}, 'total' => { 'cmd_get' => 2317304, 'bytes' => 13255734, 'get_hits' => 544590, 'connection_structures' => 76, 'total_items' => 407720, 'bytes_read' => 1209506922, 'total_connections' => 40153, 'cmd_set' => 2864258, 'bytes_written' => 4636527045, 'curr_items' => 58433, 'get_misses' => 1772714 } };

Huge amount of data, isn't it? The same data is available via telnet:

telnet memcache-01 11211Trying to memcache-01.Escape character is '^]'.statsSTAT pid 24040STAT uptime 1145873STAT time 1323008181STAT version 1.4.5STAT pointer_size 64STAT rusage_user 103.230000STAT rusage_system 310.030000STAT curr_connections 34STAT total_connections 27384STAT connection_structures 42STAT cmd_get 1626823STAT cmd_set 2279784STAT cmd_flush 0STAT get_hits 391283STAT get_misses 1235540STAT delete_misses 107095STAT delete_hits 138707STAT incr_misses 0STAT incr_hits 0STAT decr_misses 0STAT decr_hits 0STAT cas_misses 0STAT cas_hits 0STAT cas_badval 0STAT auth_cmds 0STAT auth_errors 0STAT bytes_read 880545081STAT bytes_written 3607442137STAT limit_maxbytes 1073741824STAT accepting_conns 1STAT listen_disabled_num 0STAT threads 4STAT conn_yields 1STAT bytes 6775829STAT curr_items 30345STAT total_items 323615STAT evictions 0STAT reclaimed 14740ENDquitConnection closed by foreign host.

(Other types of stats may be requested using the commands from the Memcached wiki.)

What do all these values mean?

Field Sample value Description
accepting_conns 1 The Memcached server is currently accepting new connections.
auth_cmds 0 Number of authentication commands processed by the server - if you use authentication within your installation. The default is IP (routing) level security which speeds up the actual Memcached usage by removing the authentication requirement.
auth_errors 0 Number of failed authentication tries of clients.
bytes 6775829 Number of bytes currently used for caching items, this server currently uses ~6 MB of it's maximum allowed (limit_maxbytes) 1 GB cache size.
bytes_read 880545081 Total number of bytes received from the network by this server.
bytes_written 3607442137 Total number of bytes send to the network by this server.
cas_badval 0 The "cas" command is some kind of Memcached's way to avoid locking. "cas" calls with bad identifier are counted in this stats key.
cas_hits 0 Number of successful "cas" commands.
cas_misses 0 "cas" calls fail if the value has been changed since it was requested from the cache. We're currently not using "cas" at all, so all three cas values are zero.
cmd_flush 0 The "flush_all" command clears the whole cache and shouldn't be used during normal operation.
cmd_get 1626823 Number of "get" commands received since server startup not counting if they were successful or not.
cmd_set 2279784 Number of "set" commands serviced since startup.
connection_structures 42 Number of internal connection handles currently held by the server. May be used as some kind of "maximum parallel connection count" but the server may destroy connection structures (don't know if he ever does) or prepare some without having actual connections for them (also don't know if he does). 42 maximum connections and 34 current connections (curr_connections) sounds reasonable, the live servers also have about 10% more connection_structures than curr_connections.
conn_yields 1 Memcached has a configurable maximum number of requests per event (-R command line argument), this counter shows the number of times any client hit this limit.
curr_connections 34 Number of open connections to this Memcached server, should be the same value on all servers during normal operation. This is something like the count of mySQL's "SHOW PROCESSLIST" result rows.
curr_items 30345 Number of items currently in this server's cache. The production system of this development environment holds more than 8 million items.
decr_hits 0 The "decr" command decreases a stored (integer) value by 1. A "hit" is a "decr" call to an existing key.
decr_misses 0 "decr" command calls to undefined keys.
delete_hits 138707 Stored keys may be deleted using the "delete" command, this system doesn't delete cached data itself, but it's using the Memcached to avoid recaching-races and the race keys are deleted once the race is over and fresh content has been cached.
delete_misses 107095 Number of "delete" commands for keys not existing within the cache. These 107k failed deletes are deletions of non existent race keys (see above).
evictions 0 Number of objects removed from the cache to free up memory for new items because Memcached reached it's maximum memory setting (limit_maxbytes).
get_hits 391283 Number of successful "get" commands (cache hits) since startup, divide them by the "cmd_get" value to get the cache hitrate: This server was able to serve 24% of it's get requests from the cache, the live servers of this installation usually have more than 98% hits.
get_misses 1235540 Number of failed "get" requests because nothing was cached for this key or the cached value was too old.
incr_hits 0 Number of successful "incr" commands processed. "incr" is a replace adding 1 to the stored value and failing if no value is stored. This specific installation (currently) doesn't use incr/decr commands, so all their values are zero.
incr_misses 0 Number of failed "incr" commands (see incr_hits).
limit_maxbytes 1073741824 Maximum configured cache size (set on the command line while starting the memcached server), look at the "bytes" value for the actual usage.
listen_disabled_num 0 Number of denied connection attempts because memcached reached it's configured connection limit ("-c" command line argument).
pid 24040 Current process ID of the Memcached task.
pointer_size 64 Number of bits of the hostsystem, may show "32" instead of "64" if the running Memcached binary was compiled for 32 bit environments and is running on a 64 bit system.
reclaimed 14740 Numer of times a write command to the cached used memory from another expired key. These are not storage operations deleting old items due to a full cache.
rusage_system 310.030000 Number of system time seconds for this server process.
rusage_user 103.230000 Numer of user time seconds for this server process.
threads 4 Number of threads used by the current Memcached server process.
time 1323008181 Current unix timestamp of the Memcached's server.
total_connections 27384 Numer of successful connect attempts to this server since it has been started. Roughly $number_of_connections_per_task * $number_of_webserver_tasks * $number_of_webserver_restarts.
total_items 323615 Numer of items stored ever stored on this server. This is no "maximum item count" value but a counted increased by every new item stored in the cache.
uptime 1145873 Numer of seconds the Memcached server has been running since last restart.1145873 / (60 * 60 * 24) = ~13 days since this server has been restarted
version 1.4.5 Version number of the server

The ->stat method of Cache::Memcached returns all data ("misc" key) for all currently connected servers plus the number of items per item size ("sizes" key). Another "total" key is calculated for some of the most important statistics keys.

Descriptions for most but not all keys are shown in the Memcached repository, let's see if this list is being updated in the future.


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  1. Hi! I have one question. I used two parameters, get_hit and get_misses, but I need too monitoring in %. How to do it? Any idea?

    Hits: 25058193 (81´5%)
    Misses: 5682934 (18,5%)

    Thanks for response and sorry for my poor english

    PD: Yes, the misses should be 0%

  2. Sebastian

    Sum up Hits + Misses to get the total number of requests sent to the server. Your % is then 100 * $hits / $all_requests (or 100 * $misses / $all_requests), maybe with an additional sprintf or int around the calculation.

  3. Thanks for reply Sebastian.

    I have problem with parameter. Why this parameter is invalid?:

    I go to manual zabbbix in 19 Items [Zabbix] and I use example 3.

    What I doing wrong?

    The error that out is "Error in item key: Invalid item key format."

    Sorry for my ignorance....and thanks.

    PD: Version "Zabbix 1.8.10"

  4. Sebastian

    Sorry, I don't see any mistake, but I don't know Zabbix, maybe as in a Zabbix forum?

  5. Is solved. I wrote as type "Zabbix agent" when I should write "Calculated" and then add the formula.

    It was a rookie mistake.

    Thanks anyway.

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