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JSON is a commonly used format for data transmission, especially with Ajax calls. It's more structured and easier to process then XML, but could be just a wall of text depending on the creator. This oneliner reformats JSON to look pretty and human-readable.

I've to write a script which outputs a JSON in the same structure as an existing file, but I need to understand the current structure before starting with the script. The existing file is valid JSON but hard to read, because it has no indention or newlines. I can't paste it into an online JSON-beautifier, because it contains company secrets and passwords. But Perl's JSON module provides an easy way for reformating:

perl -MFile::Slurp -MJSON -le '$j = JSON->new; $j->pretty(1); print $j->encode($j->decode(read_file($ARGV[0])));' my_file.json
Perl is being called and instructed to load two modules: File::Slurp for reading the input file and JSON for parsing and writing the JSON-Format. A new JSON object is created and configured to output pretty JSON code. Finally, the file is being read, decoded from JSON into a Perl datastructure and encoded as (pretty) JSON.

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  1. Uhm, there’s a json_pp script included with JSON::PP (previously was part of the JSON distro, now part of core), which does just that. (If you’re using JSON::XS, there is also json_xs.)

  2. or use JSON::PP:

    json_pp < my_file.json

    json_pp can also convert from/to Perl data structures...

  3. Sebastian

    Thanks to both of you, I didn't know that commandline tool.

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