YAPC::EU 2012 day 3 notes

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Last day of YAPC::EU 2012 (for Max, it's Friday today) and time for the last YAPC day report.

I missed half of the Plack/PSGI talk chatting with Paul Johnson who did the "Bringing Perl to a younger generation" talk yesterday, but the slides are online at SlideShare- thanks Leo!

I saw Gabor's video about Dancer development a long time ago and thought that Dancer looks good but I didn't like the syntax. SawyerXtalked about Dancer today and suddenly I discovered that it would solve some of our problems, mainly user/URL error handling, web script source structure and HEAD requests. I don't think that we could switch (for new scripts) but maybe I'm wrong.

Looks like a web day and this is true until now. Which one is better, Plack or Dancer? I don't know but Dance seems to be much easier for people starting development and choosing Perl. Dancer in core Apache (like PHP) would be great... sorry, just dreaming.

The final talkwas discussing the current state of Perl and the community and I don't fully agree. Companies don't find enough Perl developers - I didn't talk to any company representative who said "yes, we're full of Perl developers and don't need any more". No, everybody is looking for Perl developers and neither the companies nor the community nor the organizations have any plan on building up masses of younger Perl people. There is a great risk of companies moving away from Perl - because there are too few developers out there.

One thing was following the final talk: The lighting talks organized by Léon Brocard including a Duck (which could find things), EVE online (which is similar to CPAN), running non-existent scripts (like the P6 debugger), beauty (in applications) and text build out of ISO country code flags (maybe I'll steal this idea).

To sum up YAPC:

  • The community is alive and loves Perl - I already knew this.
  • There are very many things out there I don't know about Perl, I don't wan't to know some of them, I don't need to know some of them and I clearly should learn about many of them.
  • I should read the talk descriptions before attending a talk. I saw two talks which didn't fit my expectations simply but matched the talk's title and description.

A very big thank to to the organizers, YAPC 2012 was a great event!

YAPC 2013? I'd really love to attend but currently don't plan that far away. I'll try to attend next German Perl Workshop.



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  1. > Which one is better, Plack or Dancer?

    You cannot compare those, as Dancer runs on Plack/PSGI. And while you could write an app in Plack, it would be kind of stupid to do so, because it would be very "low-level".

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  4. "Which one is better, Plack or Dancer?"

    Either the speakers didn't explain very well or you weren't listening. That's like asking "which is better, programming or Perl?"

    Plack is the technology that underlies all modern Perl web frameworks. If you're using Dancer (or Catalyst or Web::Simple or Mojolicious or many others) then you're already using Plack.

    Choose the framework that suits you best. Don't write raw PSGI.

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  7. Sebastian

    I missed half of the PSGI/Plack talk talking about another talk with the speaker, so I'm probably the one who mixed things up here.

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