YAPC::EU 2012 - hot like hell

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There has been no summer in Germany. Few warm days, but not real hot - until last weekend. Today is very, very hot in Frankfurt, over 35°C and only one YAPC room has a slight touch of air conditioning and everybody is melting.

YAPC day 1 is nearly over, I'm writing while listening to lightning talks. I went to many interesting talks today and learned... not that much I expected.

The talks are more short introductions to various topic than actual training or learning courses, but it's great to grab the idea of other topics. I'll spend hours reading more and trying out what I saw today after YAPC is over.

A great talk was about Log::Any (and other logging modules) including references to German beer and a small Austrian village. I already thought about switching our logging until I discovered that we don't have any logging at all. We got a very good warning and error reporting system but no logging. We got a flexible debugging module which handles debug output but no logging. Maybe I'll blog about Log::Any and it's sub-modules sometime later.

I saw another talk about Continuous Deployment which was full of interesting idea and concepts. The speaker suggested committing and publishing stuff to live systems as soon and as often as possible and I noticed more and more that we're already doing continuous deployment: Sources changes get online as soon as they're done not using any release schedule.

I'll try to get things sorted and probably will try to grab a copy of the video recording of that talk because it was very relevant for me.

The next talk talk was about Perl critic and it was good - but complete fail to me. It has been a presentation of critic and reasons why critic should be used but I'm already one step ahead: I'm using critic every day as part of my own client-side pre-commit hooks.

Gabor Szabo's talk about refactoring Perl source was interesting and I picked up some good things including the idea of automated refactoring.

A recent lighting talk just introduced the Enterprise operator x!!() and it looks really interesting. I need to read more about it but I expect it to require a mucher newer Perl version than the one I could use.

The lighting talks are nearly over now and the social event is coming up.



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  1. Ian Norton

    I'd love to hear more about your critic client side pre-commit hooks if you have alist of topics you're planning on blogging on in the future! ;)

    Thanks for the post, hope you guys are having fun in Frankfurt!


  2. Sebastian

    Actually we're having sun in Frankfurt but, of couse, also a lot of fun. The guys are doing a really great job.

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  7. The "enterprise operator" is described in the following POD:!!

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