Setting up MovableType on a basic webspace

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A MovableType installation isn't that easy like a WordPress upload, but it has many advantages. This is a little tutorial for setting up MovableType on a basic webspace without SSH access. movable-type-workerYou need:
  • 25 MB webspace for MovableType plus some space for your assets. This blog is currently about 500 MB big including all pictures, my limit was 2 GB to be secure for further growing.
  • Running CGI-Scripts is mandatory, Perl also, but I didn't every see a Linux server without Perl.
  • One mySQL database
  • Full background publishing queue support requires a single cronjob. It's optional but I made it mandatory for me to get smoother publishing.
You really should ask for a test account without any domain and probably without cronjobs to ensure that the server is sufficient for MovableType. Grab a current MT download from the MovableType OpenSource homepage and upload the mt-check.cgi script and the extlib folder into the cgi-bin directory of the webspace. Check if the mt-check.cgi is executable and call it using a webbrowser. All of the following modules should be considered required for a typical blog:
  • All Required Modules
  • DBI and DBD::mysql
  • Digest::SHA
  • SOAP::Lite
  • One out of Image::Magick, GD or Imager
  • XML::Atom
  • Archive::Zip (for backups)
Importing WordPress data requires XML::SAX, but the default parser engine has a bug and might fail on the import file. I strongly suggest considering XML::SAX::Expat as required, but it isn't tested by the default mt-check.cgi. Adding it is very easy: search for XML::SAX within the mt-check.cgi script, copy the block and add a ::Expat after XML::SAX.

Any other missing module should be checked, but most others are either Perl core modules or not that important, like the SMTP modules which are usually not required to send mails from servers.



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  1. Jay

    Yay, another Perl blogging / CMS engine that has gone all-Mysql. It makes me feel like a PHP developer.

  2. Sebastian

    I don't know, why they dropped Postgres support. But MT works around most mySQL problems (oops, didn't want to write two synonyms next to each other ;) ) even for really large installations. That makes that mySQL requirement a bit less bad.

  3. Jay

    Sadly, the Perl CMS that did keep support for Postgres and expanded to include support for Oracle and MySQL, Bricolage, seems to be abandoned, or in such a low maintenance state as to be moribund.

  4. Sebastian

    MovableType is using Data::ObjectDriver for all database access. Shouldn't be hard to re-add Postgres support as long as D:OD supports it, but I think SQLite might be a better choice for smaller sites.

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